Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 5

By David Ebershoff

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Chapter 5

  • Back in the present, in Copenhagen, Lili gets dressed for the Artists' Ball.
  • She and Greta show up together.
  • At the ball, Lili meets and flirts with a man named Henrik.
  • She leaves the party with him, and he walks her homeā€”on the way, he kisses her. Lili kisses a boy and she likes it.
  • Suddenly, her nose bleeds.
  • Henrik runs for help and taps on the shoulder of a woman who just happens to be Greta.
  • Greta sees Henrik, and she sees Lili's bloody nose. She thinks Henrik hurt her.
  • Lili tells Greta that Henrik didn't hurt her, but Henrik still runs off as Greta presses her scarf to stanch the blood from Lili's nose.

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