Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 7

By David Ebershoff

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Chapter 7

  • Lili continues seeing Henrik, but Greta thinks it is a bad idea "to deceive him like this" (7.1), by which she means let him see Einar as Lili when Lili is really Einar.
  • Lili says she'll try, but then she continues to see Henrik in secret.
  • One evening, she decides to confess the truth to him: "I have something to tell you" (7.23), she says.
  • But before she can reveal the truth, he says, "I already know. Don't worry about anything, but I already know" (7.24).
  • Lili has no idea if he knows what she thinks he couldn't possibly know, so she says she can't see him anymore and then retreats to the apartment where Greta is waiting.

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