Study Guide

The Danish Girl Chapter 9

By David Ebershoff

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Chapter 9

  • Greta tells Einar about her and Lili's lunch with Hans.
  • Strangely, Einar doesn't remember the details of events Lili was present for.
  • Greta wants to paint Lili, so she tells Einar to go get her.
  • He considers not changing into Lili, just to defy Greta, but then he decides to do it anyway.
  • He tucks himself, dons a dress, and dabs on some makeup. Voila! Lili has arrived.
  • That afternoon, Hans and Lili go for a walk; Hans wonders why Einar never mentioned his beautiful cousin. Is he flirting with her?
  • When they return, Lili wants to go to sleep, but Greta wants to continue painting her. She paints Lili while she rests.
  • The next afternoon, Hans and Lili go for a walk again. And then, again, Lili rests while Greta paints. It's the same thing as the day before.
  • The next day, Hans takes Lili in his car to Villefranche on a day trip. But Lili gets tired again, and Hans rents a room at an inn for her to rest.
  • Every afternoon Greta paints Lili.
  • One day, Lili's purse is stolen, but she doesn't want to go to the police because she has no identification of her own.
  • Hans attempts to persuade her to go to the police, but before he can succeed, she begins bleeding again, from below the waist. Lili has no idea where the blood is coming from.

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