Study Guide

The Danish Girl Part 2, Chapter 13

By David Ebershoff

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Part 2, Chapter 13

Paris, 1929

  • Einar visits Madame Jasmin-Carton's seedy joint.
  • Inside is a peep show, though Einar visits not for sexual pleasure but to "examine women" (13.9) and learn how to better be one himself.
  • He and Greta live in Paris now, and Greta still paints Lili every day.
  • One day, Einar visits Madame Jasmin-Carton's for a special show where he watches a man and a woman have sex.
  • Einar wants to find a man who will do that to Lili, and he is so aroused that he stains his pants.
  • With his stained pants, he goes to sit in a park, where, nearby, children play with a kite.
  • The children's governess thinks Einar, with his stained suit, is suspicious, so she pulls the children away from him.
  • Einar decides to give himself one year: If he hasn't figured out his identity by then, he will kill himself.
  • The children's kite crashes near Einar, and the young girl goes to retrieve it. She isn't afraid of Einar at all.

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