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The Danish Girl Part 3, Chapter 19

By David Ebershoff

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Part 3, Chapter 19

Dresden, 1930

  • Even though we closed Chapter 18 with Greta unsure about what to do, it appears she's made her decision and Einar's agreed, since he's on a train to Dresden, Germany, to meet Professor Bolk.
  • He frets on the train trip that the officials checking his ID will know he's secretly a girl on the train.
  • Einar is traveling alone, without Greta, because he wanted to go by himself.
  • On the train, he has grim daydreams about what his obituary will say if the procedure is unsuccessful.
  • He also daydreams about the first time he met Greta, and how he loves her, but he's unsure what their relationship will be like if the operation is successful and he physically becomes a woman.
  • The train arrives in Dresden, snapping him from his thoughts.

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