Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Seventy-Three

By James Dashner

Chapter Seventy-Three

  • Last chapter, people. Hold on tight.
  • Inside the Flat Trans, Brenda starts entering code into some control panel. It clicks, and the doors open to the outside world. Thomas is all like, How do you know how to do that? Hello?
  • Brenda then turns to Thomas and Minho and tells them to get out, so they do. No messing with Brenda right now.
  • When Thomas and Minho step out, they realize they're in paradise. An ocean, a beach, a forest with green. Yep, paradise.
  • Brenda then pushes some more buttons, and the Flat Trans (which entered into a wooden hut) catches fire, along with the hut.
  • Just to make sure, Brenda wanted to close it, too. She doesn't want any outsiders coming in.
  • A few hours later, Minho is already ordering people to go do certain stuff to make sure they all survive. You know, search parties for food, a building committee, all that jazz.
  • Thomas and Brenda take a seat and start talking. She asks him what he's thinking about; he says he isn't thinking about anything.
  • Brenda says that they have over 200 people, and they're all immune. So it'll be a good start.
  • Thomas is pretty suspicious of how sure Brenda sounds. As if she knows something he doesn't.
  • Brenda reassures Thomas that it's nothing at all. Then they kiss, and the sun starts to go down.
  • Anddd the camera fades with Brenda and Thomas kissing. A perfect ending, we guess.