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The Demon's Lexicon Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


  • Nick goes to visit Marie's sister, Natasha, and learns that Alan has been keeping more secrets from him than he suspected.
  • It turns out that this woman, Natasha, was the one who wrote all those letters to Alan last year, and that the girl in the picture, Marie, was Alan's mom.
  • Nick is surprised by this, but it makes sense. He even kind of gets why Alan kept it secret—he didn't want Nick to know they had different mothers.
  • But then Natasha insists that Daniel Ryves can't be Nick's father, and he realizes she's right. He puts two and two together and realizes who his real father must be.
  • Nick drives back to London, where the car breaks down on Tower Bridge; Nick abandons it and walks home in the rain.
  • He doesn't get there until 3:00AM, and everyone's worried about him, but when Nick sees Alan he flies into a rage. He tells Alan he knows everything, including the fact that Black Arthur is his father, which, he says, makes sense. Nick is, after all, really good at killing.
  • Alan tries to explain why he kept everything secret, but Nick is too angry and he punches Alan, at which point Alan draws his gun.
  • After a few more angry words, Nick calms down and tells Alan not to worry. He knows Alan saved his life—and his mother Olivia's life, too—and he'll repay him. He'll catch a magician and get Alan's mark removed and then they'll be even. And after that, he never wants to see Alan again.

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