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The Demon's Lexicon Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

The Trick

  • They find the house and use a rope with a grappling hook to climb to the ceiling.
  • Mae almost falls on the way up, but suddenly she's suspended in midair, and Jamie is lifting her upward by pulling on the air as if it were an invisible rope.
  • "What have we here?" Nick asks, realizing that Jamie has some magical power of his own.
  • They don't have time to discuss it right now, but Mae hugs her brother and tells him it's all right. Clearly, she loves him no matter what—even if he is some kind of magician.
  • The four split up, with Mae and Alan handling the roof and attic while Nick and Jamie tackle the lower levels.
  • Nick and Jamie encounter a zombie-like creature, which Nick kills, and then they hear a magician's voice.
  • They continue down the hall, planning to ambush the magician, but it turns out they're the ones being ambushed. They walk straight into a trap.
  • Gerald grabs Jamie and threatens to cut his throat unless Nick drops all his weapons and takes three steps back. Nick complies and finds himself in an imprisonment circle. He can't move.
  • Also in the room is the demon Anzu, and he too is trapped in a circle.
  • A few minutes later, Alan and Mae are escorted in by two other magicians, making it a happy family reunion. Not.
  • Gerald informs them that Black Arthur will be along shortly, and then turns to Nick and adds, "He's been waiting a long time to meet you" (13.159).

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