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The Demon's Lexicon Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Black Arthur

  • More magicians gather in the room, and Nick can feel in his blood that Black Arthur is near.
  • Black Arthur arrives and congratulates Gerald on a job well done, and he then tells Nick to say something—anything.
  • Nick threatens him, but before Arthur can respond there's a knock at the door and Mum comes in.
  • Arthur is happy to see her and tells her he knew she'd come back to him one day. He asks if she's forgiven him, and she says no… but she will if he'll give her just one thing.
  • Arthur says of course, anything, but before she can make her request, Nick interrupts—he wants to know why Arthur isn't taking back the charm she stole from him.
  • Arthur thumbs through the numerous medallions around Olivia's neck and says, "This one?"
  • Yeah, whatever, Nick replies, but Arthur explains that he doesn't want to take the medallion from her. He wants Olivia to live. He then reveals that this has never been about Olivia or any of her charms. Black Arthur and his magicians have been watching Nick—it's him they want.
  • What's more, Nick isn't who he thinks he is. Black Arthur informs him that he's a demon—a demon that Black Arthur called into the body of his son—which means Nick isn't human at all.

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