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The Demon's Lexicon Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Nothing Human

  • Turns out Black Arthur was hungry for power and he couldn't get enough from demons by offering them human bodies to inhabit for a few days. The bodies were too weak, and the demons would only give so much power for such a short time in the human world.
  • So Black Arthur, being a true prince among men, started experimenting on pregnant women to see if he could implant a demon in a fetus before the soul had a chance to enter the child's body.
  • He figured that without the soul in there fighting against the demon, the body would be able to withstand the possession. The problem was that the pregnant women kept getting possessed themselves and dying.
  • Arthur invented a charm to keep the women safe from possession, and then when Livia became pregnant he secretly started working to get a demon into their baby.
  • She wasn't aware of what he was doing at first, and by the time she knew it was too late. But she was strong, and she survived, and they had a demon baby‚Ķ Nick.
  • Nick doesn't believe Arthur at first, but Arthur gets Alan to confirm his story.
  • Alan doesn't want to talk at first, but Nick wants to know, so he finally tells him the whole truth.
  • Arthur seems to find it all very entertaining, and he even mocks Alan for caring so much about a demon. Then he demands that Nick give him the power he owes him.
  • Before he can collect, Olivia interrupts, reminding Arthur that he owes her something first.
  • Arthur is happy to comply and asks what it is that she wants.
  • Olivia says, "Give me back my child" (15.109), then catches him in a kiss and bursts into flame.

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