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The Demon's Lexicon Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


  • Mum/Olivia burns and dies, but Arthur, though charred, is still alive.
  • In the confusion of flames and smoke, Alan races out of the room, and Mae manages to break free of her captor, stab a magician, and use that magician's blood to remove her brother's mark.
  • Another magician steps in to kill Mae, seeing as how she just murdered one of the other magicians, but Gerald intervenes, saying Mae might be useful and shouldn't be hurt.
  • Arthur balks. He knows Gerald thinks Mae and Jamie can be used as bargaining chips to get Nick to do what they want, but Arthur disagrees—he keeps insisting that Nick is a demon and is therefore incapable of caring about anyone else.
  • Anzu then explains that yes, Nick is indeed the demon Hnikkar, and that Hnikkar used to pal around in the demon world with Anzu and Liannan. In fact, the three of them were all in on Arthur's plan to offer up his son's body to a demon, and now Anzu wants Hnikkar to make good on his part of the bargain and get bodies for Anzu and Liannan, too.
  • Anzu confirms for Arthur that no, of course Hnikkar wouldn't care about Mae and Jamie, and Arthur tells the magicians holding them to bring them to him.
  • Before Arthur can do anything, the lights go out. Arthur tells his magicians to pull themselves together, that there's no need to panic, and Nick starts to laugh. "You don't know my brother," he tells Arthur, and before he's even finished the sentence, a shot is fired.
  • Alan manages to take out a few magicians in the darkness as they aim spells every which way.
  • The spells light up the room enough that Nick can see Alan standing right next to Arthur with his gun trained on him.
  • Alan thanks Arthur for making his plan work out perfectly. He needed Nick trapped in an imprisonment circle.
  • At first Nick thinks it's so that Alan can command him to kill all the magicians, but that's not Alan's intention at all. Instead, he frees Nick—or Hnikkar—from his human body, an action everyone, including Nick, thinks is crazy.
  • Unbound from his body, Nick feels unlimited power. He finds the center of it and throws it at Black Arthur's heart. Black Arthur screams, and Nick breaks free of his body, leaving it behind him and lying on the floor.

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