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Resthaven People in The Ear, the Eye, the Arm

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Resthaven People

Take an ancient village, inhabit it with a group of people fed up with modern life, add in a couple hundred traditions and customs, and what could possibly go wrong? Oh wait—a lot.

Resthaven was built so a more traditional African way could survive. As the General explains it to Arm, "It was a compelling idea, to return to the past. It also appealed to a desire to preserve the spirit of Africa" (21.8). People flocked into Resthaven in hopes of being part of a simpler time, leaving the pressures and worries of technology and modern advances behind.

And yet Resthaven isn't all it's cracked up to be. The people take the supernatural really seriously, to the point where they are willing to kill a perfectly healthy baby girl simply because she is a twin (they think twins are evil). Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but we can't get behind baby-killing, plus they won't let Rita and Tendai and Kuda leave. So, yeah, not totally awesome around these parts. That said, we should mention that the people who stay there seem to love it. It's just not for everyone, though.

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