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The Ear, the Eye, the Arm Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • Get your fancy swag on, because General Matsika and his wife are taking Ear, Eye, and Arm to dinner at the Mile-High MacIlwaine.
  • It's a super tall building (a mile, we might say) with an extravagant restaurant at the top.
  • Usually the detectives can't afford anything like this, so they are excited to be treated.
  • The Matsikas' limo driver picks them up at home and takes the detectives to the restaurant.
  • In the lobby, they look at all of the animals beneath the glass of the building. It was built on top of a lake, and they can see a crocodile and hippos grazing below.
  • When it comes time to go up to the restaurant, Eye gets a little queasy—he hates heights with a vengeance, and the elevator is made of glass. Ick.
  • By the time he makes it to the top, General Matsika and his wife have arrived.
  • They booked out the whole Starlight Room so the detectives will have it to themselves.
  • Everyone chats and eats a delicious dinner. Arm notices that the General studies their every move and asks them questions about their lives mixed in with the small talk.
  • Just as they are getting up to leave, the Gondwannan Ambassador arrives, wanting to eat at the restaurant.
  • The General insists he be allowed to even though the place was closed for the night. As Arm leaves, he notices a dark cloud coming over the restaurant and assumes the ambassador guy is bad news.
  • When they all get back to the Matsikas' place, the General takes Arm aside and tells him that he knows where the children are.

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