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The Ear, the Eye, the Arm Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • Arm is shocked: If the General knows where his kids are, why doesn't he go get them?
  • The General explains a little bit about Resthaven.
  • A long time ago, politicians funded a project for people to return to the past. They figured things were simpler back then and wanted to see how it would work to live that way.
  • They wanted to preserve the spirit of Africa.
  • It was also important that Resthaven didn't become a tourist resort, so they set up rigorous tests for people who wanted to join, and once in, you couldn't leave. Very few were actually permitted to stay, however.
  • Since it's not technically part of Zimbabwe, the General has no sway there. In fact, if he invades, other countries would likely retaliate.
  • It's not meant to be a place of violence, and a lot of countries have invested in Resthaven remaining independent over the years.
  • The General has gone to Resthaven and begged for his kids but they've refused to return them.
  • It occurs to Arm that the General has more power than anyone in Zimbabwe but he's helpless when it comes to getting back his kids. Suddenly, he feels for the guy.
  • Oh, and there's one more thing: Arm has to promise not to tell the General's wife. She doesn't know about Resthaven and wouldn't get it. They pinky swear before the detectives head home.
  • When they get there, Eye says how great the night was. He doesn't want to eat anything for three days so he can remember how fabulous everything tasted in the Starlight Room.
  • Arm tells the other detectives about Resthaven and they chat about what to do.
  • He thinks they should try to get in even though it will most likely be dangerous. It's a plan, at least.

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