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The Ear, the Eye, the Arm Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

  • That night, Arm has a crazy dream.
  • In it, the mhondoro comes to him with a message. Many people see or hear spirits over the course of their lives, but only a couple per generation gets to see the founder of the Shona Empire. This is a big deal.
  • The mhondoro tells him that people who are hiding their true nature are overtaking the country. Only he can save the country if he goes to the highest place.
  • Arm tells Eye about the message, and together they figure out that the people who are hiding are the Masks.
  • They also decide the highest place must be the Mile-High MacIlwaine, so they head there.
  • Once again, they take the elevator to the top of Mile-High MacIlwaine. This time, they head to the observation deck on the roof. It's pretty scary up there.
  • Arm looks around and sees something weird coming from the Gondwannan Embassy. He knows it has to be involved, but he's not sure how.
  • When he calls the General to give him the news, Matsika isn't sure how to respond.
  • On the one hand, hearing from the mhondoro is a really big deal. On the other hand, he can't order troops to invade an embassy based on something Arm might have seen at the top of Mile-High MacIlwaine.
  • Mrs. Matsika overhears the conversation on the holophone and gives her input whether it's wanted or not.
  • She doesn't care how crazy it sounds; she thinks the General should give the order to invade the embassy. She wants her kids back now.
  • The General hangs up the phone and Arm asks for some rope.
  • Ear isn't sure what's happening, but this is unusual for his old buddy. Arm explains that's because the mhondoro is there with him. Um, okay.

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