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The Ear, the Eye, the Arm Chapter 5

By Nancy Farmer

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Chapter 5

  • The Blue Monkey delivers the kids to a buyer who works for some woman named the She Elephant.
  • He takes ten percent of the selling price but won't think twice about turning them in if they double cross him.
  • Across town, the General and Mother fret over where the kids are.
  • They've already called the police, and officers are out hunting for the kids now.
  • General Matsika is ticked at the Mellower and plans to feed the guy to the lions.
  • Before he can, though, Mother intercedes, saying the Mellower's almost a child himself and didn't really know what he was doing.
  • She thinks they should pump the Mellower for information. She goes and talks to the guy alone so he feels more comfortable.
  • He starts by telling her how smart and special she is, but Mother instructs him to cut the praise out; she just wants the deets on her kids.
  • The Mellower dishes on everything he knows. He even suggests hiring a detective like people do in stories.
  • Tendai wakes up in a strange room with two guys named Knife and Fist arguing about something. They work for the She Elephant.
  • Rita gets angry and promises them they will go to prison for the rest of their lives for kidnapping the General's kids. They only laugh at this, though.
  • Just then, the earth starts moving. No, it's not an earthquake.
  • People are moving around across the room, and they are so grungy that they almost blend into the earth.
  • Kuda gets scared and thinks they're demons, but Tendai reassures him that they are actually just muddy people.
  • See? There's nothing to worry about. Or, so Tendai tells himself.

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