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The Ear, the Eye, the Arm Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • Ring, ring. The phone at the detective agency rings and Arm answers it.
  • General Matsika's wife tells them that she'd like to hire them. Can they come by the house so they can discuss the case?
  • Arm agrees to rearrange their schedule, and Mother says she'll send the limo for them.
  • When Arm gets off the phone, he tells his partners Ear and Eye who called.
  • They are a little surprised. Why would General Matsika need to hire them? He can use the police or secret service if he wants.
  • Eye figures it's because the General is too well known around Zimbabwe.
  • Sure, it sounds great to have power, but in this case, it means that some people won't talk to the General because they're too afraid of the guy. He almost has too much power, if that's possible.
  • The three detectives figure it's a good sign for their business, though, plus Mother didn't even ask how much they charge. Cha-ching.
  • When the limo picks them up, the chauffer asks to see their gun permit, which Arm produces. Even so, they have to surrender their weapons before heading into the General's pad.
  • Mother is shocked when she sees them. First of all, they are sticky and weird looking.
  • They explain they are from Hwange, a.k.a. the nuclear power plant where plutonium was in the drinking water. There was a big accident, which made them look this way.
  • Bonus? They each have a heightened sense, and we'll let you guess what those are.
  • Mother explains how the children went missing, and asks them to take the case.
  • The detectives agree. Then the General informs them the kids were last seen at a chili nuts stall; after that, there's no trace of them.
  • Ear, Eye, and Arm leave, promising to do their best to track the kids down.

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