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The Ear, the Eye, the Arm Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Ear, Eye, and Arm head out to look for the kids.
  • They get the General's credit card as payment for their work and are shocked to see how rich he is. Still, they agree to only take money they work hard for.
  • Ear and Eye are tough to walk down the street with since they experience senses more than the rest of us.
  • They can see and hear way more than the rest of us can, so they wear masks to cover their ears or eyes so it's not so distracting.
  • Then there's Arm. He can read people's minds and sense their emotions. Yep, he knew you were just thinking about getting a snack.
  • Eye tells his partners that kids are often kidnapped from the streets and given to women who can't have babies of their own. Usually they snatch younger kids who won't remember their real parents.
  • As they are talking about what might have happened to the General's kids (with kidnapping as the front runner), Ear comes across a blue monkey and tries to pet him.
  • Before Arm can warn him to keep his hands off the animals, Ear screams out in pain.
  • The Blue Monkey bit him. Ouch.
  • Not only that, but the monkey says Ear tastes bad. In fact, there was a kid who tasted like strawberries just this morning.
  • Suddenly, Ear and Arm realize that must be one of the General's kids and presses the monkey for more info.
  • The monkey fesses up that he sold the kids to the She Elephant. More than that? He doesn't even know. Honestly.
  • Ear, Eye, and Arm let the monkey go and tend to the bite on Ear's ear.
  • While they are leaving, Arm wonders what the She Elephant would want with the kids in the first place.

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