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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Tone

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All Teen, All the Time

Carolyn Mackler is really good at writing in a teenager's voice, even though she's an adult. She remembers what it was like to be young and awkward, which makes Virginia's voice totally authentic. Take these examples:

As much as I think incest is the grossest thing in the world, I'm flattered that someone would actually think Byron and I are enough in the same league to be "hanging out." (7.50)

Froggy has spent the past several minutes fumbling around my shoulder blades. I don't have the guts to inform him that this particular bra unhooks in the front. (1.31)

I must be an evil person, but I'm not exactly thrilled that Shannon is making new friends. What if she forgets about me? (7.109)

In other words, we've got typical teenage-girl problems and concerns—boys, sex, friends—as told through a teenage girl's voice, and with a teenage perspective. We might as well be sitting across the table from Virginia in the lunchroom. She'd love it if we did; then we could swoon over baseball players and talk about how much we hate our French teacher together. Sigh.

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