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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 10

By Carolyn Mackler

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Chapter 10

  • The next day, Virginia gets out of gym class by telling the school nurse, Paul, that she has cramps.
  • After dodging gym, she has to dodge Froggy, too, since she's way too mortified from last week to make out with him that afternoon.
  • When the bell rings at the end of the day, she sneaks into Ms. Crowley's office so she won't have to deal with their usual crosstown bus ride.
  • Ms. Crowley wants to know why Virginia's lost her sparkle, and Virginia admits she's starving herself.
  • Ms. Crowley, who's also overweight, says she knows the students call her Ms. Cowley, but she doesn't care.
  • Virginia straightens a paper clip as she and Ms. Crowley talk. She jabs it into her arm—not hard enough to break the skin and have Ms. Crowley notice, but hard enough to leave indentations.
  • The next morning, Virginia has no choice but to face Froggy since they have French class together.
  • Virginia loathes French—not only because she's bad at it, but because her teacher, Mademoiselle Kiefer, is mean.
  • In class, Froggy passes her a note via Brie, who actually deigns to hand it to her.
  • It says he waited for her for forty-five minutes yesterday. Aw…
  • Virginia's totally thrilled, but she plays it cool, writing back that she was sick and went home early.
  • When she tries to pass the note back via Brie, though, Brie harumphs, and instead of passing the note, she plays the French National Anthem on her phone.
  • Which, of course, makes Mademoiselle Kiefer turn around and see the note-passing.
  • She sends Froggy out into the hall and asks Virginia if she wants to share what's so important with the class.
  • And what does she call Virginia? La vierge, or "virgin."
  • The rest of the class laughs while Virginia looks it up.

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