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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • It's the next morning; the weekend.
  • The parents are already in Connecticut, and Virginia's trying to convince herself the date rape thing was all a bad dream.
  • Surprise: it wasn't. Her parents prove it by coming through the door with Byron's boxes. They're not in Connecticut after all.
  • They need a hand with Byron's things, so Virginia helps them unpack the U-Haul. It's the first time she's seen Byron, but they barely speak.
  • When her dad and Byron go to return the truck, Virginia rushes into her room and locks the door.
  • She stays in her room for the rest of the weekend, checking out the Yankees game on ESPN; the playoffs are the following weekend, and she hopes she'll still be able to go.
  • Shannon emails and tells Virginia about Sabrina's tattoo. It says Mom, but Sabrina says it actually says Wow—you just can't tell unless she does a handstand.
  • Virginia's just glad Shannon's not getting a boyfriend on top of everything else.

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