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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • It's Tuesday morning, and Virginia has no choice but to go back to school, where Froggy tells her he waited for her after school for twenty minutes.
  • Virginia says she was sick again, so Froggy asks if she'll be there the following Monday.
  • Virginia says no—the thought of fooling around with a boy suddenly turns her stomach.
  • Froggy asks, heartbroken, if Virginia means it's over between them.
  • She's saved by Mr. Moony, who walks by singing "Froggy Went a-Courtin'," but after he walks by, Froggy asks if the last month meant nothing to her.
  • Virginia says it can't be over between them, because it never began.
  • At lunch, she grabs some Hostess Cupcakes and heads for the second-floor bathroom.
  • She sees Brie's signature boots in a stall and wonders what Brie's doing up there. She's normally in the cafeteria holding court with the Bri-girls, and there's a bathroom right next door.
  • Brie's the last person Virginia feels like seeing, so she tosses her cupcakes in the trash and runs to Ms. Crowley's office.
  • Ms. Crowley asks if Virginia's being out sick had something to do with her diet.
  • Diet, ha. Virginia's life has been a carb-and-sugar-fest lately; she tells Ms. Crowley the diet is over.
  • Ms. Crowley wants to talk, but Virginia just peels the skin off her cuticles and says everything's okay.
  • After school, there's a bright spot: an email from Shannon, inviting her to come to Seattle for a vacation over Thanksgiving. All Virginia's parents have to do is get the plane ticket, and Shannon's parents will cover the rest.
  • Virginia writes back and asks Shannon if she doesn't want to bring her new friends.
  • Shannon says no—duh—and Virginia says she'll be there.

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