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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • Virginia's on the plane. Yay, Virginia.
  • Turns out Dr. Shreves called the airlines, found out the ticket was nonrefundable, and gave in.
  • On the way to the airport with her dad, Virginia asked him if maybe they could communicate a little more, whether she and her mom ever learn to communicate or not.
  • Her dad got tears in his eyes, put his hand on her shoulder, and told her he'd love that. Aw.
  • Seattle time, Shmoopers. Shannon and her cool hippie parents, Nina and Liam, meet Virginia at the airport.
  • Liam and Nina are so cool, in fact, that they let Virginia and Shannon run around Seattle by themselves during the day, as long as they're back at the hotel in time for dinner.
  • That night, in their room, Virginia and Shannon play their "three wishes" game.
  • Virginia says her three wishes are to have the perfect body, have a boyfriend (preferably a Yankees shortstop), and for the Byron situation to have never happened.
  • Shannon tells Virginia to say, finally, what Byron did. She knows, but she wants Virginia to admit it by putting it into words.
  • Virginia finally says it: Byron raped Annie Mills.
  • Shannon says it's time for Virginia to admit that Byron was never the perfect brother she thought he was; in fact, Byron kind of treated her badly.
  • Virginia starts crying, and Shannon hugs her.
  • They've really missed each other.

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