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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 24

By Carolyn Mackler

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Chapter 24

  • Virginia thinks her toe is broken. The next day at school, she can barely walk, and Nurse Paul has to call her mom, who's with a patient.
  • Dr. Shreves's secretary gives Nurse Paul the number for Dr. Love, the doctor with whom Virginia was forced to discuss her weight.
  • Fortunately, he can fit her in right away.
  • When she gets there, before he looks at her toe, he looks at her piercing and asks her about the burn scar on her finger from the candle.
  • When he asks her what happened to her toe, she admits she kicked a dressing room wall.
  • He tells her to find ways of channeling her anger that don't involve hurting herself, and suggests a kickboxing class for teenagers, taught by his friend, then gives her the information.
  • On the way home, Virginia realizes she has to do something.
  • She's going to Columbia to talk to Annie Mills.
  • When she gets to the campus, she asks a student how to find the student directory, and the woman points her to the student center.
  • Virginia pulls up the student directory and finds Annie's information.
  • Her heart is pounding, so she writes it down and leaves. She's not quite ready to meet Annie yet.

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