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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

  • Ten days later, Virginia's toe is healing.
  • And, surprise of surprises, Brie Newhart has started helping her with her French homework in exchange for help with language arts papers.
  • Back at home that afternoon, Byron's friend Hamster Boy is going to stop by.
  • Byron's so happy he's come out of his room, but when Hamster Boy shows up, he only stays long enough to get a DVD that Byron borrowed.
  • He's also with a girl Byron liked.
  • When Byron goes into the kitchen and starts slamming things around, Virginia follows him. Byron admits he liked the girl and is mad at Hamster Boy for stealing her as soon as Byron left.
  • Finally, Virginia confronts him. She says nobody would want to date him anyway.
  • Byron flips out, lunging at Virginia so she runs to her room. He follows her and pounds on the door, yelling at her to come out and calling her fat.
  • When she doesn't come out, he goes into his room and blasts his music.
  • Virginia's tempted to cut herself with a paper clip on her desk, but she remembers what Dr. Love said about not hurting herself anymore, so instead she slips out of the house as quietly as possible and takes the subway to Columbia to meet Annie Mills.
  • Annie's in her dorm room when Virginia knocks, and when she answers, Virginia tells Annie who she is.
  • Annie says she's not sure Virginia should be there, so Virginia runs; she hides in the stairwell, shaking, and sits there until she can collect herself.
  • Then she goes back to Annie's room.
  • This time, Annie invites her in and makes her a cup of tea.
  • She tells Virginia she refuses to let Byron ruin her life. She reported him to the campus police because she wanted to prevent him from raping another woman, but she won't let him have any power over her.
  • Annie pulls out an Ani DiFranco CD and plays the song "Gratitude" for her, about a guy who pressures a girl for sex.
  • Virginia says Annie reminds her of Anaïs, who she thinks Annie would like.
  • Annie says she's sure she would; she already likes Anaïs' sister.
  • That night, Virginia finally writes Anaïs a real letter, and in it, she tells her everything; it feels really good.

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