Chapter 26

  • It's the day before winter break, and Mr. Moony's asleep at his desk. On the board is a note for the class telling them he's not feeling well and they'll have the scheduled test after the break.
  • The class is, of course, ecstatic.
  • Virginia forges Mr. Moony's signature on a pass and goes to give Ms. Crowley a Christmas card—it has Great Danes on it, since Ms. Crowley's a freak for Great Danes.
  • She loves it, of course, but she also suggests it's time for Virginia stop coming in at lunch and hang out with the other kids instead.
  • Virginia's furious. She dashes out of the room and runs into Nurse Paul, who tells her Mr. Moony woke up and complained of chest pain.
  • There's an ambulance outside.
  • Virginia and Nurse Paul walk outside and see the paramedics load Mr. Moony in and drive away.

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