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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 27

By Carolyn Mackler

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Chapter 27

  • It's time for the holiday party, and Virginia still doesn't have a dress, so she goes to Strawberry and buys one.
  • It's clingy and purple, and of course Dr. Shreves is somewhat disapproving, but not as much as Virginia thinks she'll be.
  • When her mom takes off for a hair appointment, Virginia decides she needs a little hair appointment of her own, so she goes to Ricky's, a costume and makeup shop, and buys purple dye.
  • Back at home, Virginia dyes her hair. Needless to say, when Dr. Shreves comes home and sees it, she's horrified, but she calms down a bit when Virginia tells her it's temporary.
  • At the party, though, everyone thinks Virginia looks great. Ha.
  • On the way home, having had too much alcohol, Dr. Shreves tells Virginia for the first time that she admires her courage.

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