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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 29

By Carolyn Mackler

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Chapter 29

  • It's the first day back at school after winter break, and instead of some ugly thing from Salon Z, Virginia wears a polyester orange shirt she bought in Seattle.
  • Alyssa compliments her hair, which feels great, and when the principal calls the students to the auditorium for a meeting, Virginia and Alyssa sit together.
  • Brie Newhart is there, but she's not sitting with the other Bri-girls. She's sitting alone, looking pale and sick; in her usual seat sits a girl named Brittany.
  • Bad news: Mr. Moony died of a heart attack.
  • The principal wants to have a moment of silence, but a guy in the back stands up and starts singing a song about a bright and shiny moon, and everyone joins in, humming if they don't know the lyrics. It's a fitting tribute.
  • On the way out of the auditorium, Virginia runs into Ms. Crowley, who's crying.
  • She apologizes for getting angry at Ms. Crowley when she suggested Virginia stop coming in at lunch, and Ms. Crowley apologizes for overstepping her boundaries and gives Virginia a book.
  • It's called Body Outlaws, and it's about women with tattoos and piercings.
  • Ms. Crowley is kind of fabulous.

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