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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • It's Saturday, so Virginia sleeps in, and when she wakes up, her parents have left for Connecticut, which means she's alone for the weekend.
  • She reminisces about how it used to be when Byron still lived at home and they'd spend the weekend making junk food and eating it all; one of their favorites was Rice Krispie treats.
  • That's when she has an idea: she'll whip up a batch, take them up to Columbia, and surprise Byron, which she's never done before.
  • When she arrives, Byron's not exactly glad to see her, but he invites her into his dorm room anyway.
  • He doesn't take a Rice Krispie treat, so Virginia starts eating them while the two of them have an awkward conversation.
  • Byron's sleazy friend, whom Virginia calls Hamster Boy, stops by to ask Byron if he's going to the Virgins and Sluts party that night.
  • He also mistakes Virginia for a college girl, which she loves.
  • When Byron says she's his sister, however, Hamster Boy is surprised at how little they look alike.
  • He asks who Byron's bringing to the party, and Byron says he's taking a girl named Annie Mills.
  • Virginia asks what Virgins and Sluts is, and Byron tells her it's a party where the less clothing you wear, the less you pay for the cover.
  • Virginia hopes for an invite, but no such luck, and instead Byron tells her to ask before she stops by again.
  • By the time she reaches the subway station to head back home, Virginia's in tears.
  • Back at home, she orders Chinese takeout and drowns her sorrows in food while chatting online with Shannon.

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