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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • It's Monday afternoon again, and Froggy's finally gotten up Virginia's shirt.
  • Virginia's super turned on and loving it; she imagines she's Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, realizing Tom Hanks is the man she loves.
  • But, oops—she's forgotten today's the day she has to go to the Fat Doctor.
  • She remembers when she hears her mom come through the door.
  • Froggy hides under the bed, where Virginia kicked the "Walla Walla is for Lovers" sweatshirt after Byron told her it looked extra-large.
  • Dr. Shreves comes into her room to remind her that today's the day they're going to the doctor about her weight, which of course Froggy overhears, so of course Virginia thinks she's might actually die from embarrassment.
  • Dr. Shreves tells Virginia to be ready in fifteen minutes and heads into her study, at which point Virginia sneaks Froggy out.
  • Off to the doctor—Dr. Love, that is—who's actually pretty cool, and tells Dr. Shreves to leave the room before he discusses Virginia's weight.
  • He gives her the old spiel: fewer calories, fewer carbs, more exercise.
  • At home that night, there's a phone message from Virginia's dad, saying he's got tickets for the Yankees playoff and asking if Virginia wants to invite Byron.
  • Of course she does, so she calls, but he doesn't answer, so she leaves a message.
  • A few hours later, her dad comes home. He says he talked to her mom on the phone and she told him about the doctor's appointment.
  • While he eats a handful of cashews, he tells Virginia how much prettier she could be if she lost thirty pounds. Ugh.

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