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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • The diet commences.
  • Virginia's taking it way too far, however, starving herself because she wants to be the kind of girl who could get invited to Virgins and Sluts.
  • At dinner, her parents talk about how proud they are of her for dieting, and her dad says he'll take her shopping for new clothes as soon as she hits her weight goal.
  • When Virginia says she doesn't do scales, her mom suggests she call it a "body goal" instead.
  • Virginia's pretty psyched her mom has finally said she's proud of her. It's a first for Virginia, which is depressing on a number of levels when you really think about it.
  • That Sunday afternoon, her dad comes home with a gift: a full-length mirror.
  • Seriously? He didn't have time to fix her computer when it died, or get her a new one, but he can buy her a mirror to check out her bod.
  • Later that afternoon, even though she's grouchy about the mirror, she decides to take off her clothes and look into it.
  • Cue breakdown. Virginia pinches every fat part of her body, hating herself.
  • Way to go, Dad.

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