Study Guide

The Egypt Game Writing Style

By Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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Writing Style

Clear and Descriptive

The writing in The Egypt Game is perfectly clear and concise. Even when the book is describing complicated rituals and ceremonies, it remains descriptive and easy-to-follow:

April went first. She approached the egg crate using the correct Egyptian walk, which was done by walking with your shoulders sideways, arms held out from the body and bent sharply at the wrist. In front of the altar she bowed deeply with her head tucked between her upraised arms, and then placed her fingertips on the Crocodile Stone. (11.11)

No weird surprises there. The writing lets you see exactly how April walks and what she does once she reaches the altar, which makes it easy for the reader to envision The Egypt Game and get lost in the story as though they're really there.

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