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Caroline in The Egypt Game

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Caroline is April's grandmother, and once the kiddo's mom goes all Hollywood on her, she becomes April's guardian, too. Because April resents being sent away from her mother, she doesn't like Caroline at first—in fact, she's downright mean to her.

But Caroline knows how to deal with a bratty kid. (Hey, her own daughter is a Hollywood wannabe, after all.) When April gets a letter from her mother saying that she can't let April live with her right now, Caroline doesn't force her to talk; she just lets April know that she's here for her, and she understands what her granddaughter is going through:

"I got a letter from your mother today, too, dear," Caroline had said. She put one hand very gently on April's shoulder. (13.16)

Gentle, yet effective. Caroline isn't all up in April's business, but she's not going to neglect her granddaughter, either. She just continues to provide April with the support and love she needs, and eventually, April realizes just how awesome her grandmother is…and how she'd totally rather stay with her.

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