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The Egypt Game Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The Egypt Girls

  • So April and Melanie become fast friends and spend lots of time that August together. They play paper dolls, go to the library, and babysit Marshall. Which all sounds normal, except April is still wearing her false eyelashes.
  • At the library one day, April finds a book about pharaohs and the girls become completely obsessed with Egypt. Soon, they've read their way through the library's entire Egypt collection.
  • That's fun and all. But in the background, both girls are also secretly worried about school starting. Melanie finds school easy and fun, but she worries that April won't fit in properly.
  • Apparently April has those worries too: she's having nightmares about the first day of school, because she knows how hard being the new kid at a school can be.
  • Top priority for Melanie: trying to convince April not to wear her false eyelashes all the time. She's pretty sure that will just make April seem even stranger to all the kids. She's not sure how to achieve this by the time school starts, though.
  • One day in September before school starts, the kids stumble across the deserted yard and find a bust of Nefertiti,¬†an Egyptian queen from the 14th century B.C. (That's a long time ago.)
  • Pretty obviously, they're super excited by this discovery. Reading as much about Egypt as they do, it's no big surprise.
  • The kids name the yard Egypt and decide that they're going to sneak back there whenever they can.

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