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The Egypt Game Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

The Evil God and the Secret Spy

  • When they return to the secret deserted yard, everything is just the way they left it the last time. They clean up the yard and decide that the shed is going to be their temple.
  • Melanie is a little worried because there is a padlock on the fence that leads to the Professor's backyard, but April says she doesn't think the old man will do anything to them. From her short interaction with him, the Professor seemed harmless.
  • The girls decide that in their new game, Marshall will be the young pharaoh while they will be the high priestesses of the goddess Isis, who are sworn to protect him.
  • They also develop a story about their antagonist, the evil god Set. Soon the kids get carried away and have a whole world mapped out in their heads.
  • The kids also go out to scavenge for more supplies to use to build up their little version of Egypt. They're so busy playing that they don't notice the Professor watching them.

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