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The Egypt Game Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Eyelashes and Ceremony

  • On the day before school starts, Melanie goes into April's room and snatches her fake eyelashes so she won't be able to wear them to school. Whew.
  • But that doesn't stop April from making things hard for herself. She wears a fur stole and piles her hair on top of her head like a movie star. The kids make fun of her at first, but Melanie stands up for her. Luckily that's all it takes, and soon their classmates come to accept April.
  • In the afternoons and on weekends, the kids are still playing the Egypt Game. They've set up another altar for Set, and have even made a (kind of disturbing) clay bust of him.
  • Their main altar has the bust of Nefertiti on it, but they've taken to calling her Isis because she's a goddess, and not just a queen.
  • The kids keep busy by coming up with different rites and rituals for both Set and Isis. On top of that, they make secret scrolls that they hide in Egypt. And as if that weren't enough, they even plan to make their own hieroglyphics.
  • They find little objects that they can offer to Set and Isis and place on their altars. Who knew religion could be turned into a game?
  • As for Marshall, Melanie and April haven't gotten to the part of the game with the pharaoh yet so they keep the little guy entertained by letting him be a junior priest. Apparently, that's good enough for him.

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