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The Egypt Game Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


  • At the end of September, a new girl named Elizabeth Chung moves into the Casa Rosada—which is the apartment building where both Melanie and April live.
  • Elizabeth is nine and has two younger sisters. April doesn't think that they'll become friends because she and Melanie are both eleven, and nine feels really young to her. (Pretending you're a movie star makes age differences seem bigger, apparently.)
  • When April goes to visit Melanie's apartment, Melanie has already heard about Elizabeth and is planning on inviting her to play with them. She thinks that if Elizabeth can keep a secret, they can let her join the Egypt Game.
  • April doesn't want to.
  • Still, the girls go to visit the Chungs like they're supposed to.
  • Surprise! They both immediately like Elizabeth. They feel protective of her and walk her to her classroom when she goes to school.
  • As they're looking at her, April realizes that Elizabeth looks like Nefertiti. She tells Melanie, and they decide to let Elizabeth in on the Egypt Game. Isn't that nice?

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