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The Egypt Game Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Prisoners of Fear

  • Elizabeth is a wonderful addition to the Egypt Game and absolutely adores everything that Melanie and April have come up with.
  • Marshall now gets to be the pharaoh of Egypt—Marshamosis—and Elizabeth gets to be the young queen—Neferbeth.
  • But then one day when they're playing, Mr. Ross (Melanie and Marshall's dad), comes outside looking for them. He tells them all that they must get inside right away; there's been some trouble in the neighborhood.
  • Later, the kids learn that a little girl had gone to the drugstore and went missing. The next day, they find her body in the marshland. She's been killed.
  • Freaky.
  • The parents in the neighborhood are extra worried because this isn't the first time. A little boy had disappeared last year…and was never found.
  • Double freaky.
  • There's a lot of talk around the neighborhood, and many kids seem to think that the Professor is guilty. But the Egypt Game gang doesn't believe this.
  • The worst part: things get really boring. The kids aren't allowed to play or even walk to school alone. They're always supervised—which means that the Egypt game is on hold. Indefinitely.
  • On the bright side, April, Melanie, Marshall and Elizabeth keep themselves entertained by making costumes for the Egypt Game. They make Marshall a pretty sweet pharaoh hat. At least there's that.

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