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Harry in The Forest of Hands and Teeth

By Carrie Ryan

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If anyone has real man tattooed on his forehead, it's Harry. He's noble, loyal, and selfless.

Our man Harry doesn't think about his own happiness as much as he thinks about the happiness of those around him. Care for some examples? No problem—there are plenty to choose from.

  • After escaping the slaughter of his village, Harry's first thought is to jump back into the flesh-eating fray to save any survivors. 
  • He supports Cass during Travis's injury.
  • Though he's not in love with Cass, he acts as her provider and protector along the path in the woods. 
  • He tries to keep Mary from breaking out of the gate and running headlong into the Forest.

Despite all his altruism, Harry's luck runs dry when it comes to love. Super dry. Consider this:

  • When Harry asks Mary to the Harvest Celebration, it's the culmination of a lifetime of love on his part. No really—he's been in love with the girl since they were kids. Ain't that sweet? He's so in love with Mary in fact, that he's willing to marry her even though he knows she's in love with his brother, figuring he can win her love in the end because "we will find a way for you to be happy, Mary. I promise I will find a way for us" (13.46). Sounds good… and doesn't happen.
  • When Harry helps Cass get through Travis's sickness, she falls in love with him—she's even willing to break her engagement for him. But Harry chooses Mary instead, and by the time he notices Cass again, she's devoted herself to Jacob instead.

Poor Harry. Such a good, unlucky guy.

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