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The Forest of Hands and Teeth Chapter 10

By Carrie Ryan

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Chapter 10

  • It's springtime now, and this means it's time for the we're-still-alive-party, a.k.a. Edenmass.
  • Mary says that the marriage celebrations are the highlight of the party—and gives a quick run-down of the weeklong marriage event.
  • And then it's Troth time, when the couples make their vows. Mary and her peeps are the only ones this year, so it's a pretty small and awkward group.
  • Sister Tabitha gives a speech about commitment and such, and Mary spends the whole time thinking about the Travster, who is just inches away from her and whom she hasn't seen since Harry spoke for her.
  • Troth completed, away Mary goes with Harry.
  • The celebrations continue all week, but Mary feels like she's in a fog, and by midweek she's in dire need of a break so she sneaks off to the tower for some alone time.
  • To her pleasant surprise, though, Travis is there; Mary almost turns around, but Travis asks her to pray with him.
  • Things get pretty hot and heavy pretty quickly, and then they cuddle for a while.
  • Travis tells Mary it feels like they are the only two people in the world, but then he also says that it feels like there must be people outside of their village. Mary almost has a shock attack—she can't believe he feels the same way as she does about the Outside.
  • Mary is about to agree with him when she sees a flash of red in the Forest. Uh oh.
  • Mary heads to the fence to gets a closer look at. It's Gabrielle sure enough, though she's turned into a super-zombie.
  • Mary tells Travis about Gabby and asks if Trav ever talked with her.
  • Travis just kisses her, and Mary forgets everything else in Bella-bliss.
  • Mary suggests they should tell someone about Gabby, and Travis agrees, which makes Mary super happy. She says she'll give the Guardians a heads up about Gabrielle.
  • She decides to throw everything away for Travis and asks him to come for her.

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