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The Forest of Hands and Teeth Chapter 28

By Carrie Ryan

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Chapter 28

  • Travis races back inside, grabs an empty barrel, and attaches it to the rope line. They convince Argos to get inside, but they realize there's no way he'll stay in there on his own. Travis tells Mary to go with him.
  • Mary worries about Travis, but Travis begs Mary to get in, so she does.
  • Harry sends a rope back across (almost taking off Mary's head with his ridiculously bad aim), which Travis gives to Mary.
  • Then she and Argos are swinging in the air as Harry yanks them across with the rope.
  • Safe on the other side, they all look back at Travis, who is trying to pull himself onto the rope. It's not working, but there's no time to send the barrel back.
  • He grabs the rope again and swings over the mass below. A fire-haired zombie lady grabs his leg and slips down to his feet, about to bite him.
  • Another zombie dude grabs for him and ends up knocking the redhead to the ground. Free, Travis swings his legs up and loops them around the rope (sloth style); he then starts crawling across, but the rope dips lower and lower. Mary realizes that the barrel must have loosened it up.
  • And then there's a terrifying pop. It's the rope. Breaking.
  • Mary scoots herself on her stomach to the edge of the platform and starts talking to Travis. Jed, and even Harry, tell her it's no use; he's going to bite the dust any second (or let's be honest, the zombies will bite him to dust).
  • Mary doesn't care. She starts giving him a pep talk and tells him to focus on her voice; slowly, he starts to move across the rope.
  • And guess what? He makes it to the other side. Phew.

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