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The Forest of Hands and Teeth Chapter 6

By Carrie Ryan

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Chapter 6

  • Mary tells Trav about the ocean, running her fingers through his hair, when the door suddenly opens and Cass starts squeezing the daylights out of her.
  • Mary feels smashed by a truckload of emotions: happiness, longing, and guilt for, you know, falling in love with Cass's fiancé.
  • Cass heads over to take Travis's hands, and he snuggles his face up to hers. Mary feels like a hollowed out tree trunk and like an envy balloon ready to explode, all at the same time.
  • Mary remembers that Cass is a fragile little thing, so she must really have the hots for Travis since she came to see him at all.
  • Cass asks Mary questions, but since she's still doing the mute thing, Sister Tabitha answers them and Cass backs up.
  • And almost runs into Harry. Awk-ward. Good thing Mary can't speak, because she's got plenty of questions for the dude who rejected her when the going got tough.
  • Harry tells Mary that Jed found Travis when he busted his leg, and lets it slip that Jed's wife—Trav and Harry's sister, Beth—is pregnant again. Mary's super-bummed that Jed never even told her.
  • Harry turns to her and tells her that nobody has a clue how Travis got injured. It's a big fat mystery.
  • He also starts to apologize, but Cass is ready to head out. She looks exhausted and ready to collapse, and Mary realizes that the Cass who came in and the Cass who is leaving are two different people.
  • Cass asks to come back, which is hunky dory with Sister Tabitha.
  • Mary ignores Harry's gaze (she's kind of in love with his brother, anyway), and Cass thanks her and touches her face. Mary almost collapses when she smells her Travie-poo on Cass's hands.
  • After her pals are gone, Sister Tabitha gives Mary the go-ahead for speaking. Mary doesn't really want to, though.
  • She doesn't tell Cass that she's allowed to speak, just watches her pray with Travis and then holds her when she has a breakdown.
  • Cass stops coming after a week because she's a wreck.
  • Harry tells Mary he knows she loves Travis, which Mary throws right back in his face by calling him out for not speaking for her. Oops. He leaves.
  • Mary sits by the Travster and has a full-on tearfest about pretty much everything: her fam, her betrayal, her love, her life... you know the drill.
  • Suddenly there's a hand on her head… and it's Travis. He's awake now, and he pulls her close and tells her it will be okay. Ah, bliss.
  • Until Sister Creepy makes an appearance. She tells Mary later that she's about to enter Stage Two of Sisterhood training, so no more Travis-time.
  • Mary decides to open her window and play freeze out while she thinks about her parents and their new zombie-life. She wonders if their lives are easier than hers.

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