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The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 1

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Part 1, Chapter 1

  • Part 1 is all about Peter Keating.
  • We meet Howard Roark when he is naked.
  • Uhhh, is this awkward?
  • Nope. Turns out he's just going skinny-dipping and thinking deep thoughts.
  • The exposition fairy (aka the narrator) catches us up on The Facts. Roark is a poor man who is currently studying architecture at the Stanton Institute.
  • He's supposed to meet with the Dean about some trouble he's in.
  • Roark goes home to Mrs. Keating's boarding house, where he resides.
  • He goes upstairs and draws a while.
  • Roark forgets about his meeting with the Dean.
  • Mrs. Keating is horrified that he just forgot and reminds him.
  • Roark finally goes to the meeting and has a showdown with the Dean.
  • Our man R has a bad habit of making people hate him, and is about to be expelled.
  • Roark doesn't care, though, since he's a rebel and thinks the school is outdated.
  • He proceeds to annoy the Dean some more before leaving, for old time's sake.

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