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The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 10

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Part 1, Chapter 10

  • Francon has a big party and Keating meets Dominique, who is described as sort of an ice queen.
  • They flirt, kind of.
  • Keating tries to flirt at least, and Dominique is cold and a bit condescending...or rude.
  • Dominique brushes Keating off in her icy way. Burn. Oh wait, ice can't burn, per se. Freeze.
  • Austen Heller, a sort of social justice crusader, hires Snyte's firm to design him a house, but he's a picky client and nothing seems to satisfy him.
  • At a group meeting, Snyte alters Roark's design and Heller says it's close...but still no cigar.
  • Roark steps up at the meeting and shows Heller his original design.
  • Heller likes it a lot.
  • Snyte fires Roark, and Heller hires him to work on his house. Things are looking up for our boy R.

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