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The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 11

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Part 1, Chapter 11

  • Roark opens his own office, and Snyte says he's crazy to strike out on his own after one commission.
  • Roark, as usual, is too cool for school, and says, essentially, "I do what I want."
  • Cameron is mega-excited about Roark's success.
  • Cameron is still very ill and is being cared for by his sister.
  • Keating swings by to praise Roark, but he really resents him. These two are great frenemies.
  • Mike pops up to work on the Heller house and tells Roark that he'll work on any project with him since he's a cool dude.
  • Roark and Heller become friends and bond while the house is being built.

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