Study Guide

The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 12

By Ayn Rand

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Part 1, Chapter 12

  • We head over to a new scene: The Banner newspaper offices, owned by Gail Wynand.
  • Alvah Scarrett, the paper's editor, assigns Dominique, a Banner reporter, a story on tenements in New York.
  • Dominique makes like a Pulitzer-winning journalist and goes undercover in the tenements.
  • But she writes a piece that is critical of the people living in tenements, and Scarrett is shocked.
  • Dominique and Keating continue to meet, and he's scared of her...yet also drawn to her.
  • Icy Dominique never seems moved by anything and never seems happy at all.
  • Katie very unexpectedly comes to Keating's house one night.
  • Our resident Mommy Dearest, Mrs. Keating, isn't thrilled to see her.
  • Katie confesses that her uncle scares her, and she begs Keating to marry her soon.
  • Keating says okay.
  • His mom protests and makes him doubt himself. Keating needs a crash course in confidence.
  • Keating then tells Kate he wants to postpone getting married, and Katie agrees, but both have a bad feeling about it.

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