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The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 14

By Ayn Rand

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Part 1, Chapter 14

  • Cosmo-Slotnick Pictures decides to hold a contest to build a skyscraper in New York.
  • That is one bizarre contest, but in this novel the entire world seems infatuated with architecture, so we'll roll with it.
  • Keating is supposed to enter a design for Francon and Heller.
  • But of course, he has performance anxiety and has to get Roark to help him.
  • Roark says he wants no credit at all for this stupid building and Keating doesn't have to worry about blackmail.
  • Keating gets angry and the two argue. Or Keating argues and Roark does his stone-faced routine.
  • Roark is starting to run out of money and his commissions are drying up.
  • Cameron dies, and, on his deathbed, tells Roark to never give up.
  • Keating tells Katie they can get married after the competition is over, but Keating still sees Dominique and tries to kiss her. He's a dirbag like that.
  • Dominique gives him the cold shoulder and says she'll marry him if she ever wants to punish herself one day. Ouch.

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