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The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 15

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Part 1, Chapter 15

  • Lucius Heyer is dying, and Keating is scared that he'll lose the building competition and won't get Heyer's partner place in the firm.
  • Whoa, Keating. Slow your compassion down, big boy.
  • Keating goes to Heyer's house to blackmail him after finding out that Heyer inflated construction costs on a project.
  • Heyer panics and ends up having a stroke and dying. Nice job, Keating. We hate you now.
  • To make matters worse, Keating realizes he kind of wanted Heyer to die. Someone needs a psych evaluation.
  • Keating then discovers that Heyer left his entire estate to him since Keating had been nice to him before.
  • Keating also wins the building contest with Roark's design.
  • It's official: Keating is a total jerk. Also, he has kind of astronomical luck. How do people not realize what a slimebucket he is?
  • Keating becomes a celebrity but is scared that the secret of him being a lying weasel will come out.
  • He tries to buy Roark's silence, but Roark sends the money back and says the structure is crap.
  • Keating gets mad and vows to break Roark. He's sounding pretty supervillainous at this point.
  • Roark refuses a job for a bank that would compromise his style.
  • He shuts down his office and gets Mike to give him a job at a granite quarry in Connecticut.

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