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The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 6

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Part 1, Chapter 6

  • In January 1925 Toohey publishes his hit book called Sermons in Stone. It's a history of architecture.
  • This is a bestseller. Because of course a history of architecture would be a smash-hit? Erm...
  • The book isn't just about architecture; it's also some sort of secret socialist manifesto that boos individualism and praises the collective mob.
  • Cameron falls very ill and Roark has to shut down his firm.
  • Keating is becoming a huge success, though we discover that his mom now lives with him. Ouch. That kind of puts a damper on his social life.
  • Mommy dearest Keating begins pressuring him to marry Dominique, Guy Francon's daughter.
  • Keating reacts by going to see his real true love, Katie.
  • Mrs. Keating doesn't think Katie is good enough for Keating.
  • Keating proposes to Katie but says they need to keep it a secret until he can earn enough money for them to marry.

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