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The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 10

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Part 2, Chapter 10

  • In June 1929, the Enright House opens and Roark starts getting more clients.
  • Toohey doesn't write about the Enright House in his column.
  • A guy named Anthony Cord hires Roark to build a skyscraper office building.
  • Another dude named Kent Lansing approaches Roark about building a luxury hotel called the Aquitania.
  • Lansing says that he'll have to fight the board of directors on Roark's behalf but says it'll be worth it in the end. Roark says okay.
  • Meanwhile Dominique spends her summer in the city for the first time in ages since she doesn't want to leave Roark.
  • A wealthy older dude named Hopton Stoddard decides he wants to build a temple to religion in order to atone for some of his past sins and shenanigans.
  • He is also a Toohey flunky.
  • Toohey manipulates Stoddard and tells him that he should hire Roark to do the temple.
  • Stoddard is hesitant, but Toohey insists that Roark is very spiritual.
  • He coaches Stoddard on exactly what to say to Roark to get him to take the job.
  • Roark has misgivings, but the idea of the project is too tempting, and he falls for Stoddard's routine.

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